About Me

Fun fact- the arts run deep through my entire family.

Whether it be singing, dancing, painting or drawing, everyone in my family is artistically inclined in some way. I, on the other hand, was a little different- I always loved music, but I can barely hold a note and I’m just okay at playing the drums. I can dance, but I’m not a dancer like my younger sister. I could always draw, but it was more of a hobby than a passion like my older sister. Growing up, sometimes I felt like the oddball of the family.

As I got older, my art always manifested itself a different way- my writing. When I got into the Media Arts program at Wesley College, I found the perfect way to exercise this art through journalism. In this day and age, real journalists are more important than ever. When I realized how this was even more apparent within music journalism, I realized I’d found the perfect marriage between my love for music and my talent for writing.

Along the way, I found another canvas for my art- graphic design and web development. To that end, I’ve combined all of the skills I’ve acquired in my four years of undergrad school to create this portfolio. Show your friends. Show your coworkers. Show your boss. Enjoy!

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