About Me

Fun fact- I’m the only person in my immediate family who can’t sing.

I can hold a note, but that’s about it. I’m okay at playing the drums. I’m not a good enough rapper to have a SoundCloud, much less make a career out of it. So being a guy from a musically-inclined family, what was I to do?

Well, when I got to Wesley College I’d decided to be a music producer. So I entered into the Media Arts program and signed up for my first music production class. However, by my sophomore year a new passion had emerged. I’d always been good at writing, but in taking my journalism classes I found a new appreciation for it. It taught me the true art of conversation and how I can use that skill combined with my writing to communicate in ways I’d never even thought of. I was hooked.

So I decided to combine my new passion with my old one, and now I have a new career goal- music journalism. To that end, I’ve combined all of the skills I’ve acquired in my four years of undergraduate school to create this portfolio. Show your friends. Show your coworkers. Show your boss. Enjoy.


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