CFO Tries to Eliminate Student Fees


Project Overview: This was definitely the biggest story of my sophomore year. It was the spring semester and I was taking a journalism class. When my professor (who’s also The Whetstone’s faculty advisor) caught wind of this story and told us about it, we decided to dedicate the rest that semester to researching and breaking the story. We felt like it was too important of an issue for us to pass up, and it was too big of a story for any one of us. We all pitched in with researching and conducting interviews, then handed the information we gathered off to The Whetstone’s editors (and our classmates) Kristen Griffith and Brittany Wilson.

Goals: Our goals were simple- to inform the student body, and to help ensure the CFO’s plan wasn’t put into action. We felt like we accomplished that because here plan was rejected and, without our story, a lot of students may not have known about the plan until it was too late.

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