Graphic Design

Block Party Flyer

Date: April 2017 Project Overview: Every spring semester, Wesley's Black Student Union hosts it's annual Block Party. This year the theme was Freaknik, the fabled Atlanta festival. These are the flyers for the event. Program Used:...

“BSU Week”

Date: March 2017 Project Overview: My executive board of the Black Student Union decided we wanted to do a week full of events we called "BSU Week: Black Is The New Black." These are some of the flyers for the events. Program Used:...

BSU Open Positions

Date: April 2017 Project Overview: The Black Student Union had some openings for executive board positions, so I designed a flyer for interviews. Programs Used: Canva

Barbershop Talk

Date: October 2016 Project Overview: I created the Barbershop Talk event to replicate the atmosphere of a black barbershop and bring it to Wesley's campus. I brought barbers into the freshman dorm along with inspirational alumni, and we just talked about any and...

Karaoke Flyer

Date: September 2016 Project Overview: A friend of mine goes to Whole Life Community Church- they needed a flyer for their Karaoke Night, so my friend called me. Programs Used: Microsoft PowerPoint

Portfolio Site Logo

Date: January 2017 Project Overview: I decided make a new logo when I designed this site. This time around I went for something more simple- just my initials. Programs Used: Adobe Illustrator

Music Critique Logo

Date: November 2016 Project Overview: In designing my site for my music critiques, I created this logo to represent it. The wolf represents my independent nature, while the smirk and sunglasses are two things that I'm known for amongst my friends. The headphones are...

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