School Officials Mistakenly Remove Roe Furniture

Project OverviewI wrote this story after some of my fellow Wesley RA’s from a different residence hall told me about an issue they were having in their building- due to an apparent violation of fire code, all of the lounge furniture except the microwaves had been removed from the hallway lounges in the building. This was a problem because these areas were designated “hang-out” spots for the residents in the building, particularly for the freshman. As RA’s, part of our job was to build community in our buildings and this change made their jobs harder. I also interviewed several residents of the building in question along with Wesley’s chief of security. Over the course of my investigation, I found out that there had been an apparent miscommunication between the fire department, security and the maintenance department. The furniture wasn’t in violation as long as it wasn’t in front of anyone’s door or in the actual hallway- the microwaves were the actual violation, and that was the only furniture maintenance had left behind. Whoops.

GoalsMy goal was to highlight the lack of effective communication that I’d noticed was unfortunately a part of the culture at Wesley College, especially within the administration. The furniture incident was just one example of a negative ramification of it.

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